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Friday, March 28, 2008

EMMURE - The Respect Issue

EMMURE's new cover features TNA Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion KURT ANGLE. This is just the retail poster i am really excited about this layout I can post more after the album comes out. This one is brutal!

SPITALFIELD - Remember Right Now (2003)

I believe I made this in 2003, this was my first major album layout that I did, and the most personal one. The photos were taken by Chris Strong. All of these photos are places in Chicago. At the time I had just started my new life at Victory, and living for the first time on my own. The band itself was taking on a new life of full time touring and leaving their home behind. I wanted to make something that really captured the time period when all this was going on, so they could (pun) Remember Right Now. For those involved or anyone who bought this record I hope they feel the same way, looking back on this I feel very strong when I say this may be my favorite CD layout I've ever been a part of. All the time stamps are relevant, and mean something, but thats my secret. ;)

SPITALFIELD - Better Than Knowing Where You Are

When SPITALFIELD told me they wanted this album to feel more like REMEMBER RIGHT NOW, before even hearing the music, i knew this album would be a great listen and probably one of my new favorites. (turns out it didn't leave my cd player for weeks!) anyways... Chris Strong took all these beautiful photos. The cover was taken on Montrose Beach in Chicago... a little interesting fact, the man on the cover is the singer for the band MOCK ORANGE. (Bet you didn't know that!). The band also shot their music video on the same beach! Not much more else to say, just look.

TAKING BACK SUNDAY - Notes From The Past

Photographer Matt Wysocki had some really great photos from being on the road and going on insane road trips, i looked to his portfolio after we had talked to the band about what they wanted, They wanted something very Kerouac and this is what we came up with:

THE JUNIOR VARSITY - Cinematographic

One of my favorite releases of last year, and one of my favorite album layouts. We had hired JAKE ROLFE (a 16 year old kid from Australia with some extreme talent) to come up with some really weird colorful creatures for this album, he came up with this monster with a film projector on his head, so strange... i mean who thinks of stuff like that... The colors on this album turned out wonderful, My favorite part of this layout is the traycard, i think they look so pro, and like a real band! Its really a shame they broke up a few months after this release. Photos by Evan Hunt.

ENDWELL - Homeland Insecurity

This layout was done very last minute, Chris George had set up this set, and took all the photos, Susie Finkbiner (means bird legs in German) volunteered to come out and do this for us. The whole idea was to portray how a person is not always what they seem to be, and they are never happy with their true self image. And finding a way to escape it. You can say (an) influence here was based from the scene THE WHO's TOMMY,

GO TO THE MIRROR BOY, Listening to you I get the music. Gazing at you I get the heat. Following you I climb the mountain....

I really enjoyed this layout, I love the dark texture i used under the lyrics. The broken glass was fun to work with too.

MOROS EROS - Jealous Me Was Killed By Curiosity

Moros Eros is a band of many ideas, thoughts and dreams. Big hearts, but never seemed to get a break. Here is the album i did for them. At first they really didn't have a clue of what they wanted, after a few mock ups, and different ideas...(see below) the band decided they wanted the Rhino on the cover... ha they faxed over an image and we started cranking out ideas. I hand wrote all the titles, I've always wanted to do that... So here it is... enjoy.

(here is a more detail shot)

The Rejected covers...

(this one looks JUST like the opening credits for men in black, and still my favorite of the mocks)

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