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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


To this day is one of my favorite layouts, what an honor to do a THURSDAY layout, I always heard it was so difficult to work with this band because they are "so picky" it turns out this was one of the easiest layouts i have done. Way impressed with how this turned out. I also discovered a great font "BlairMdITC TT", easy excellent thin font to work with. Also a little secret, the binary code on the bird is "Understanding In A Crash" translated into Ones and Zeros.

DRIVER SIDE IMPACT - The Very Air We Breathe

I think this may be one of my top 3 favorite cd layouts I did in '07. The band didn't really have any idea what they wanted, so i sort of took this idea on my own, and found this iceberg image, and turned it upside down, I always wanted to do a layout, to where it feels like the one image can actually be two. I added the pink star thing to help it stand out. I also used the reversed italics on this, I haven't every really thought of doing that before. A lot of people thought the upside down band photo was a printing mistake, those are the people who just didn't get it.

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