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Friday, March 28, 2008

SPITALFIELD - Remember Right Now (2003)

I believe I made this in 2003, this was my first major album layout that I did, and the most personal one. The photos were taken by Chris Strong. All of these photos are places in Chicago. At the time I had just started my new life at Victory, and living for the first time on my own. The band itself was taking on a new life of full time touring and leaving their home behind. I wanted to make something that really captured the time period when all this was going on, so they could (pun) Remember Right Now. For those involved or anyone who bought this record I hope they feel the same way, looking back on this I feel very strong when I say this may be my favorite CD layout I've ever been a part of. All the time stamps are relevant, and mean something, but thats my secret. ;)

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Rick said...

Man, this CD is something special to me, and I was always reaaally impressed with this layout. I was just doing a Spitalfield image search and came across this. Great work. It makes me all nostalgic to look at it. Even from the start, when I couldn't think back to all the times I flipped through it.

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