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Monday, July 7, 2008

BENEATH THE SKY - The Day The Music Died

This was a really fun project, the band approached us saying they wanted a 50's theme greaser kind of look for their upcoming album named "The Day The Music Died" and they had a tshirt design with zombies and a jukebox, so we went with that. And i have recently been dying to work with this amazing illustrator named Ray Frenden, so i called him up and he said sure I'll do it. So i sketched up the idea, and sent it over to him and a few days later he came in with this amazing piece. Anyways, enough words look at these really cool zombies!

The disc face is my favorite, i used 2 different blacks so it feels like grooves, if you run your fingers across this.

Here is how it came to shape. This is the sketch I sent to Ray...

This his sketch of my sketch...

...and that is Ray's final product. I loved the color scheme of this, but felt it was a little too "black light" so Ray was very cool about me messing with the colors and adding textures and what not.

We also printed a T-shirt with the zombies on it.
if you wish you buy this CD or tshirt, check out their webstore.

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